Powerful Platforms to Connect
Manufacturers to Dealers

eVision has been connecting channel partners for over 10 years by providing industry leading products and services. With our advanced ordering and specification systems, we link you to your product dealers directly. Allow us bring you and your partners closer together today.

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Who We Are

eVision Services is a software services provider based in Lexington, Kentucky. We began in 2003 with a focus on electronic catalog development. Over the last 12 years we have grown past our humble beginnings into a full service operation. We offer products and services ranging from Ordering Systems to Catalog Development. Our focus is always moving towards developing leading technologies to offer simple solutions that solve industry wide challenges.

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Our Solutions

Our suite of cloud-based software is carefully engineered to reduce the complexities of working with highly-configurable product lines, using intuitive and user-friendly quoting, order entry, and tracking tools.

Advanced Cloud Based Quoting and Ordering Solution

With Real Time Data, Option validation, and a multitude of visual effects, Order Express is in a category of its own. It offers full integration into various business systems making it a full service system for your business needs.

A Better Way to Communicate Product to Your Customer

Current Specification books out outdated and dusty. eVision has created an industry leading specification tool to go beyond the expectations of the manufacturer. Smart Spec offers improved dealer communications, real time data updates, option validation, and so much more.

*Available for iPad, Android, and Windows

One Stop for all your E-Catalog Platforms

With over 13 years of Industry experience, eVision has mastered the catalog process. Improved/Accurate shapes for products, pricing, product modification rules, and direct support to the Manufacturer are just a snippet of what we provide.

The Improved Method

With a Single Source for all your sales needs, Carma is a quick and innovative system that easily gathers vital project information and assures that the most important elements of a project are covered. It offers users one system to gather customer information, create a project, and calculate costs in an organized and effective way.

*Available on iPad.

Welcome to the Cloud

By leveraging the latest cloud technologies, our solutions are cost effective, easily accessed, and provide secure 24/7 backups. Product and data updates available in real-time.

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